Cookieless tracking & analytics
Server side data collection
No cross website data processing.

tracking analytics

Wannalytics solution runs without cookies, no trade that's it!

data processing

Wannalytics solution collects and process data on the server-side, it ensure that your analytics data are not collected or transmitted to a third party


Your website is the unique recipient of the data collection. Visitors are assigned a unique hash identifier based on user-agent and anonymized ip that preserve privacy

Your data don't leave your server

a Wordpress plugin, easy to install

Define your data retention time

No javascript tag required

Track forms submissions(coming soon)

Track page clicks(coming soon)

Since the GDPR made cookie consent mandatory, many visitors now refuse Google Analytics tracking cookies. As a result, these visitors no longer appear in your tracking data and you lose valuable information.

However, Wannalytics can be a solution. If you are using WordPress (6.x at least.) for your website, I have developed the web analytics plugin: Wannalytics - cookieless, server-side, with a customizable data retention time.
Try Wannalytics now! and track the behaviour of all your website visitors again.

How to install or update
Wannalytics wordpress plugin?

1. Download
the last release

Get Wannalytics

2. Upload in
your wordpress directory

3. You're

(*) Don't forget to flush your browser cache when updating. (shift+reload)

What are the benefits of having a cookieless, self-hosted analytics on your wordpress website regarding GDPR regulation?

Using a cookieless self-hosted analytics solution like Wannalytics for your wordpress website provide several benefits regarding GDPR compliance:

  • Indeed as GDPR requires websites to obtain user consent before placing any non-essential cookies on their device, if you use a cookieless analytics solution it avoids you to request and obtain user consent because obviously no cookies are placed on their device(*).
  • Using a self-hosted analytics solution allows you to have greater transparency and a control over the data that is being collected and how it is being processed. It helps to build trust with your users, which is an essential aspect of GDPR compliance.
  • By hosting your own analytics solution, you improved security and ensure that the data being collected is not being shared with third-party providers. It can helps to reduce the risk of data breaches and ensure that user data is protected.